Flexible Packaging

Outstanding flexible printing expertise, transforming your packaging ideas into tangible masterpieces. For all types of pouches flat, standup, zipper pouches, 2 & 3 layer, roll stock etc

Lay Flat Pouches

Our 3-side seal lay flat and pillow pouches are available in a variety of films, structures, and finishes.

Stand Up Pouches

We offer multi-format stand-up pouches with a variety of gusset options, films, features, and finishes.


Our full color rollstock is produced with solventless lamination. Choose your unwind + max outer diameter

Window Pouches

We provide an extensive selection of transparent film types, structures, and finishes with a range of barrier properties.

Resealable Pouches

Our stand up and lay-flat pouches are available in resealable options as well.

Ready Stock Plain Pouches

We have multiple types, colour & size standup pouches available in ready stock.